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Home Security Cameras & Surveillance

Let us help secure every corner of your home with Miami Premium Security LLC. We’ll assist you in protecting your home from vandalism, burglars and intruders. Our surveillance cameras keep you connected to an ADT monitoring center to protect your property, as part of our home security system network. Personalize your security camera layout – all you have to do is contact our surveillance camera installation experts.


Outdoor Security Cameras


Indoor Security Cameras


ADT video doorbell camera

Put a Professional Eye 

on What Matters Most

Miami Premium Security LLC uses state of the art HD video technology and assist you with 24/7 monitoring to protect your home and family. We value what you value most and that’s why we provide everything you need to protect it, like outdoor, indoor or doorbell security cameras. ADT is one of the only security companies that have been providing round the clock alarm monitoring services from home to home and across businesses for more than a century, allowing you to have the best on the market security camera systems. Trust us with the safety and security of your family. Make the most of full access to real-time monitoring footage through the ADT app. Contact us to learn more.



Camera Installation

Personalize your surveillance camera system layout with the services of Miami Premium Security LLC’s security camera installation professionals. With us by your side, you’ll have a system that protects every corner of your property, securely.

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Security Cameras

You’ll never have to fret about the security of your home with your new indoor security camera network. Together with our home security system, you’ll be notified when anyone gets into your home unannounced.



Security Cameras

Install an ADT high-tech outdoor security camera by Miami Premium Security LLC and get notified as soon as trouble lurks around your property. Opt for a video doorbell camera to secure your doorstep from bandits.

* Certain restrictions apply. Applies to home owners, money back, theft protection and relocation costs.

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